How to Wash Human Hair Wig

As we all know that, human hair wigs price is expensive, but it is worth your money, because it is made by virgin human hair, which can let you use more longer time.
And just like our own hair, human hair wigs also need good care, like washed properly.
For some beginners, they do not know how to wash their hair, so in today’s blog, we will tell you step by step.


  1. Brush or comb the wig starting the hair ends

As we all know that, if we do not brush or comb the hair in the correct way, your hair will be tangle easily. So the important tip is when you brush or comb your hair, staring from the hair ends instead the hair top. Also, when you comb the hair, please part the hair into small pieces, and detangle each piece hair very gently with width comb.


  1. Put your wig in the water, and apply few shampoo

When you do this step, pls choose the right shampoo for your wigs, such as, if you had curly hair wig, for the shampoo, you can choose one suitable for curly hairstyle, for this, you can inquiry your local beauty store when you buy shampoo.


  1. Turn your wig inside out

Use your hand turn your wig inside out, and put in the water, use your hand wash it gently. The reason turn the wig inside out is for the shampoo reach the wig cap better, so that your wig can be more healthier and cleaner.


  1. Wash your wig until all shampoo gone

For this steps, it depends on your wig thickness, if your wig is higher density, you can wash the wigs with water many times until all the shampoo gone, for short wigs, usually 2 times will be fine.


  1. Apply conditioner in your wig

You can apply some conditioner in your wig, which can let your wigs more soft and smooth. The best choice for conditioner is oliver.
Usually, after 2-3 mins, you can wash the conditioner off.


  1. Drying the wig

First, you can gently squeeze the water out, then use towel to remove the excess water. Please noticed that , do not brush your hair when it is wet.
Then you can let the wig air dry or you can blow dry it, depends on your own favorite. But please noticed that if you want to blow dry it, not use too higher temperature.
So, for now, have you learned how wash your wigs?

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