Affiliate Program

Do you want to be Hairsmarket-girl? Do you want to be Hairsmarket Hair Promoter to get free hair or get cash? Now Join us to slay the beauty!

1. Highly recommended- Affiliate Program

What Are Affiliate Programs?
Hairsmarket hair Affiliate Program allows you to generate revenue for every valid purchase made that originates from your business or non-business channels.

We pay you commission for every valid purchase that originates from any of your qualified online media channels, like your website , blog, or social media page ,etc. You will also receive incentives and find easy to help you reach your goals.

Share Earn is a simple money making program. There is NO-threshold, NO-cost, and NO-difficult for all user to earn real cash every day with just one share click. The commissions calculate basis on the price of the sharing merchandise, up to 5% commission is possible.
The more you share, the higher you earn!

How To Join Affiliate Program?
1. Registered to be an Hairsmarket Hair affiliate
2. You will get an unique affiliate link which you can track on your dashboard
3. Share the link in multiple ways e.g. website, blog, or email list.
4. You get paid a commission for the sales made using your affiliate link.
5. Hairsmarket Hair will pay commission monthly

2. Free Hair Promotion
Just contact us to get a promotion link, post it in your social media page, more people click it, more hair you can get.

3. Cash Promotion
When you received your new hair from Hairsmarket, just need take few mins to post your pictures or videos in your Instagram page and tag our account @humanhairsmarket
you will have a chance to get cash back. More likes, more cash you will get. Easy to do, isn't it?

For all promotion are easy to do, and not take too much time. So, hurry to join us.
Hairsmarket is very appreciate for all Real Hairsmarket Promoters' hard working!