How to Pluck a Lace Closure to Get a Natural Look

Lace closure and lace frontal are somewhat similar to each other. It actually mimics an individual's entire hairline. So if you want to know how to pull out lace closure hair for a supernatural look, make sure to follow these steps!

1.Wash your hair thoroughly

To start with plucking off the hair from a lace closure then make sure you wash them thoroughly. Use proper hair shampoo to freshen your hair. Before you begin the plucking process, make sure your hair is completely moist.

2.Start by making a partition

First, divide the hair in two parts. You can always use a comb to get the perfect partition. When partitioning, move from front to bottom. This will help you be equal on both sides.

3.Create sections to pluck

Now make about 1 inch of the thin section to pluck off the hair. You can always spray more water on the divider to make your hair wet. This will help you get a smooth and flat surface.

4.Grab the tweezers and get ready to pick

Make sure the tweezers are of good quality for smooth plucking. Begin natural plucking, don't pull a lot of hair from just one area. Make sure that you are moving the tweezers through the partition.

5.Remove the plucked hair with comb

Continue to repeat the plucking process. After each plucking, the hair is removed by combing. So you can see exactly how many hairs you've actually pulled out.

6.Pluck from the center partition

After giving a natural look to the front, get to the center. Make sure that the partition is perfectly done. Start plucking the hair through the partition in a natural way.

7.Finish and install

Once you are done plucking the hair, comb them to remove the tangled, You are all ready to wear your lace closure and flaunt with it.

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