How to Protect and Care for a Wig

As we all know that, buy one real human hair wigs cost much, and you do not want for one wig only use few month, isn’t it? So how to let your wigs has more longer lifetime? Today’s blog will tell you.


  1. Gentle comb

Use hand to comb the hair instead the brush as you can. Also, for all wigs, do not need comb it everyday, because we know too much comb will let the hair shedding easily.


  1. Take it off when you do not need

You can wear the wig when you outside, but if you stay at home, suggest you take off the wig, and put in in a wig stand, because wig stand can let the wig keep the shape well.


  1. Do not shake the wig after washing it

When you wash your wig, please kindly noticed that, do not shake the wig in a towel. Suggest you dry it piece by piece. Also, do not style your wigs when it is wet.


  1. Do not wash your hair frequently

One or couple weeks for washing will be fine to keep your wig shinny and healthy. Too frequently washing, will let the hair shedding easily.

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