How to Melt the Lace on a Wig

For now, lace wigs become more and more popular among black woman. Because it is easy to wear and looks more natural.
If you love wear lace wigs, you may faced with the question of how to let lace to blend your hairline perfectly. Also, If you are beginner, it may take you a few hours to melt the lace with your skin when you do installation. So today, in this blog, we will tell you how to melt the lace perfect with your skin easily.

Fixed The Wig in Your Head

using wig cap

We all know that a wig cap can holds down your natural hair and can create a surface for the wig itself to stick to, so that when you wear the wigs, your natural hair will be hide perfectly, which can let your hair looks more natural when you wear the lace wigs.

Line up the wig

Usually the lace front wigs will come with straps, so you can use it to adjust the wig cap size to fit your head well. And when you wear the lace wigs, line it up, make the hairline to where you want it to be.

Use a freeze spray to hold the lace

Blow-dry your hairline to secure the lace wigs

Cutting and Melting the Lace Steps

Put a hair wrap around your hairline

Remove the hair wrap

Use a scissor to cut down the extra lace

Use toothbrush to brush hair edges

Blow dry the gel

Finishing Steps

Clean up excess glue with wet towel

Use brush to create baby hair, to let your hair looks more natural

Do make up along your hairline to let it blend well with your skin color

Use flat iron to iron your hair, so that let the hair looks more neatness

Here are some steps for you guys to melt the lace when you do wig installation. Hope this helpful.

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