What is A Lace Closure

Closure is every knitting girl's best friend. After putting on the closing button, you can choose to finish your style with the decorations that perfectly match the knitting itself, without having to mix the natural hair. Since your own hair is protected, you can keep your hair healthy and perfect your hairstyle.
Well, the lace closure is the top of the hair, designed to blend seamlessly with your braid. The purpose of the closure is to perfectly complete your style and make it look realistic and natural.

Types of lace closure

Hairsmarket offers many different types of hair closure for you to choose: 4*4 lace closure, 5*5 lace closure, 6*6 lace closure, 2*4 lace closure, 2*6 lace closure

Invisible knots

Each hair is individually hand-tied to a silk lace base and covered with another thin layer of lace to hide the knots so they are not visible.

The most realistic scalp appearance

The purpose of the closure is for it to look as if it were your own hair. So, we construct our piece on a neutral skin-tone colored silk lace base so that it looks more realistic.

Natural looking hairline

we carefully designed the edge of the seal to recede naturally.

Free hair loss

The best part about our lace closure is that you can hair loss and finalize the pattern in any direction you want! middle, three, free part -- the options are endless.
Any questions about the lace closure? Please feel free to contact Hairsmarket customer service.

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