How to Maintain Water Wave Wig

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Water Wave wig is a soft texture with a circular curl pattern that creates fun and sexy hairstyles. Lace front wigs water wave is a best choice if you want to try water wave hairstyles. And it's especially popular in autumn and winter, so here are some maintenance tips:

Use a wide tooth comb

You can use your fingers to completely mess up your water wave wig from beginning to end. However, sometimes starting from the roots can cause hair breakage. In this case, pick up a large tooth comb. You can use a paddle brush to remove smooth hair, style as needed.

Wash your hair

Don't forget to keep your hair clean. As you may know, when your hair is dirty, it is easy to knot and sweat to accumulate. Wash your wig with cold or warm water. Put the hair in the water from beginning to end. If possible, wash your hair with your fingers and don't rub or twist your hair.

Hang your hair to dry

Do not brush the wig while it is still wet. Hang your hair in a well-ventilated place and wait for it to dry. Let your beautiful hair dry naturally in the air. You can use a wig holder to hang your wig.

Avoid heat setting your hair

If you refuse to use some thermal styling methods, such as straightening or curling, it will be best. If necessary, use heat-resistant spray and medium-low temperature.

Treat hair extensions like your own hair

To keep your hair in good condition, you must treat it like your own hair. The more you care, the better.

The tips of wigs are often dry and difficult to define. You should add a little extra moisture to your hair to keep it smooth and shiny.

Even if you don't wear your hair, don't leave it casually. Put your fake hand out in a special shade so that it won’t get tangled the next time you use it.

1 comment

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