How to Care Human Hair Extensions

Human hair extensions always popular among black woman, because for human hair extensions can transform your entire look by adding volume and length to your hair. If you want your hair extensions to make you look beautiful, you better learn how to maintain them.
In today’s blog, we will tell you how to care your human hair extensions.


  1. Treat it like your own hair

If you like sew in the hair extensions when you do installation, you can wash it along with your own natural hair in the shower, but please be gentle, so that the hair extensions will not be shedding or tangle. If you brush them or rub them when it is wet, the hair will not last long.


  1. Use sulfate-free shampoo

As we all know that sulfates products will let the hair more dryer, because for all our human hair extensions are sew in our natural hair, which not have any nutrition to supply them, so do not use sulfate shampoo when you do washing.


  1. Use conditioner

Because all the human hair bundles are cut from the young ladies, which are real human hair, and for each strand of hair has a protective cuticle layer, which can let our hair looks more shinning, so when you washing the hair, you can use conditioner, to repair the cuticle layers.


  1. Washing your hair 3-4 weeks once

Do not wash your hair everyday, just like our own hair, if you wash them too much, they will dyer easily.


  1. Dry your hair correctly

Blow dry your hair or air dry it before you going to bed, remember do not wear wet hair to sleep. Because wet hair will get tangle easily.
If you are new weaver, you need follow these steps, so that your hair can last longer time.

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