How to Install U-Part Wig

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As times goes by, lace wigs become more and more popular among the black woman, there are some wigs like 13x4 lace front wigs, 4x4 lace closure wig, 360 lace front wigs etc. And now , one new type wig for you guys, that is called U-Part Wig. Which more easy to wear and more affordable.
Today blog, we will show you how to install a U-Part wig if you are new to that.


First: creating an anchor braid

If you never wore a U-part wig before, it is important to create an anchor braid, because you can attach the U-Part wig with your braid.
When you do braiding , you can use braiding hair to do a help, so that the foundation of your U-Part wig is secure.
Before you put the U-Part wig, make sure your braid hair is super neat and flat.


Second: apply the U-Part Wig

Simply attaching it to your anchor braid you created before. Because for U-part wig will have clips, and straps, if your head is small, you can use the strap to adjust, so that it can fit your head well.
Then flat ironing your leave out hair so that it can blend well with the wig. if you trying to make your hair nicer and healthier , you can use heat protestant spray when you are putting heat, so that your hair will not be damaged.
Again, if you are new to U-Part wig, and you have more medium natural hair, suggest you not wear the hair for a very long time, 1-2 week will be more better. As we all know that U-Part wig is a cute and protective style that helps your hair grow and also can make you looks nice when you go out.
If you want to let your hair looks more pretty, you can do a baby hair.
The last step , you can use a wax stick to blend your leave out hair with the U-Part wig hair.

Hope this blog helpful. Hairsmarket new arrivals U-Part wig is online to sale now, hurry to check it, ladies.

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