How Do I Get Silky And Bouncy Hair In Summer

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We all want healthy and silky hair that makes us look even more beautiful. A “Good hair day” will make our day but the sad part is it doesn’t last long. During summers, it is very difficult to manage our hair. The sweat and UV rays can ruin our hair in no time. If you got really silky hair, then you are very lucky.


Be careful of hairs and take good care of your hairs to make it beautiful and healthy.


Oiling your hair

Just as plants nourish their hair in the form of water and soil, so does hair. Oil is the best solution for dry hair. Not only that, oil can also make your hair shine, care for your hair. Massaging your hair with olive oil is a great way to repair damaged hair. Take olive oil (1/2 cup) and 3-4 vitamin E capsules. Heat the mixture for a while, then gently massage the scalp and hair. Wash your hair after 20 minutes. Repeat this technique at least twice a week for soft and shiny hair.


Keep your hair clean

Just as you clean your body every day, you need to clean your hair regularly. It is not possible to shampoo your hair every day, especially for people with long hair, so it is recommended to wash your hair at least twice a week.



Try to protect your hair from dusty areas. Protect your hair from contamination.


Drink water

After the hair is cut, there is no way to absorb nutrients and moisture, so please nourish the hair regularly and do deep care.


Avoid heat tools

The hair dryer can remove moisture from the hair, please use less.

To get instant bouncy hairs to apply bear to your hairs, they not only provide moisture but also nourishes your hair.

Enjoy the summer without worrying much about your human hairs.

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