What Differentiates Deep Wave Hair from Water Wave Hair?

Whenever a woman thinks of her beauty, the hair on her head comes first. Though we have different types of hair extensions, women have an ever-growing demand to cater to different beauty needs among women. The difference in hair extensions comes in terms of style, color, material, design, density, and hair texture. It’s based on these differences that we categorize various types of wigs. The texture of various hair extensions depends on whether it’s made of Brazilian hair, Peruvian hair, Indian hair or Malaysian hair.

Both deep wave hair and water wave hair are designed in a curl pattern and both give women amazing looks though they have some differences. Although the two have an identical look and feel, water wave hair has a curlier look. Unfortunately, it may be hard for some of us to note the differences or identify each type.

To ensure that you don’t get confused when shopping for either of them, we have optimally analyzed their differences in this article.

Water Wave Hair

The name of this hairpiece is based on its characteristics because it’s sleek and flows freely like water. This is a factor that has led to its popularity in recent years. Its waves are woven closely and well-articulated for an amazing appearance. The feel of its waves is the same as those of a water surface. With its large curls, water wave hair looks classy and gives you an exceptionally elegant appearance.

Features of Water Wave Hair

a.100% virgin human hair with a natural appearance.

b.Lasts for up to a year with its original curls. You can also perm this hair.

c.Thick and shiny like natural hair to give you a natural look.

d.It is similar to African-American hairstyles which gives it a perfect blend with their natural hair.

e.Available as 3 bundles with closure, 3 bundles with lace frontal, 4 bundles with closure, and 4 bundles with lace frontal. All these come at affordable prices from trusted dealers.

Why Buy Water Wave Hair?

1.High-Quality Hairpiece with a Natural Look.

Their wavy pattern gives women a stunning beauty when worn on the head. Like we said before, this hair has a natural shine and hence is useful in accomplishing any style that natural hair can achieve. It is a good piece for any woman who wants to achieve a greater hair volume or improve their natural beauty.

2.Naturally Soft and Thick Hair

If you are looking for a luxurious hair extension that’s identical to your natural hair, this can be a great option. Being soft and thick, you only need a few bundles to achieve a full-body look. Water wave hair gives unique fullness to your head and thins towards the end for a more realistic effect.

This hair type gives more fullness in the tapers and roots and gets thinner towards the ends to look more natural.

3.Easy Maintenance

The high cost of maintenance on any item discourages consumers from buying such an item. Water wave hair is among the easiest hairpieces to color and style. Women love it for its high versatility to suit varying needs among women.

Again, the hair is very affordable and is good for women who love styling their hair. Styling takes a few minutes because the hair is natural. You can change a style within a few minutes when you want to attend a different function after a preceding one.


The lifespan of hair extensions or any other item is paramount. These loose and curly bundles will remain in good shape on your head in different weather conditions. It’s worth buying an expensive wig, weave, or any other hair extension.

Deep Wave Hair

Deep wave hair is another amazing hairpiece with curls close to those of the water weave hair. Although they are also great for African-American women, they have tighter curls. In addition, they have proven to be neater than water wave hair extensions. This hair extension is voluptuous and only requires proper maintenance to last long.

Main Features of Deep Wave Hair

a.Comes with a double weft, neat, and tight with no tangle.

b.Stunning curls that flow in one direction.

c.Highly elastic with a shiny and healthy appearance.

d.Lasts up to a year in good shape.

e.The ends are strong and hence don’t split.

f.Made from 100% human hair that can be bleached, dyed, Ironed, or permed.

Advantages of Deep Wave Hair

1.Gives Women a Youthful Look

Naturally, we expect youthful women to have voluminous shiny hair with a great texture. If your hair doesn’t look like that but you want the same appearance, deep wave hair is a working solution. The best thing about this hair is its wild nature which gives any woman a natural look.

2.Easy Maintenance

Deep wave hair is the best hairpiece for anyone who doesn’t love styling their hair. The main maintenance procedure for this hair is washing. Your fingers are enough to rejuvenate the waves!

3.Naturally Voluminous

Hair that has deep waves gives you a fuller appearance. This isn’t associated with old age and hence the reason why young women love this hair extension. Due to its natural look, one will hardly note when you have it on your head.

4.Perfectly Blends with Natural Hair

Deep wave hair or wigs lie in between straight and curly hairstyles. This makes it a good choice for women exhibiting these two hairstyles of their natural hair. If you have straight hair, your hair volume is too low, and adding deep wave hair to your head makes it voluminous. It will also look good to those who have curly hair and won’t depict frizzes.


The two hairpieces are both great for women depending on their tastes and preferences. Deep wave hair has a neater curl pattern and offers a more romantic look. On the other hand, water wave hair is more voluminous than the deep wave hair counterpart.

When you understand this, you will be able to choose the type of hair that pleases you most. Either of them can be used to make lace frontal wigs, headband wigs, lace closure wigs, HD lace wigs, and any other wig type you may want to buy.

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