How Can You Differentiate Between Loose Wave Hair and Body Wave Hair?

Nowadays, we have hundreds of thousands of hairpieces that women use on their heads. These pieces could be weaves or wigs depending on one’s preference. Different beauty items come in an array of designs to meet varying user needs.

Though we have both human and synthetic hair, human hair wigs are more popular among women. For human hair, it can be curly, straight, or wavy. Body wave hair and loose wave hair are among the most popular types of human hair used to manufacture stunning wigs or weaves.

That being the case, someone might be wondering what differentiates the two types of hair. It is until you understand the aspects of each that you can decide the one to pick.

Loose Wave Weave Hair

This amazing hair is exceptionally wavier and curlier. Comparing it to the renowned body wave hair, its curls are smaller and tighter. We can say that it’s an average type of hair in terms of tightness and straightness. It offers a uniquely natural curl which makes it a favorite for many women. Loose wave hair is also fluffier than most hairpieces available in the market today. The hair does not shed off and is made from 100% human hair. When you have this hair on your head, it will bounce like your natural hair. The hair is naturally thick and doesn’t split on the ends.

Loose wave hair is of high quality and is very shiny. You can color it as you wish and this does not affect its clearly defined curls. It is also good to know that this hair does not require styling tools. However, experts discourage women from bleaching loose wave hair.

Features of Loose Wave Hair

a.Curls that flow in different directions.

b.Larger and tighter curls compared to body wave hair.

c.Made from human hair.

d.The luster varies from high to medium.

e.A more defined curl pattern.

Body Wave Hair

With a body wave style, there is a deep “s” pattern on the entire human hair bundle. The hair is usually shiny and has a natural feel. This hair can be straightened or curled to any other design of your choice. Many women love it because this hair blends perfectly with their natural hair. Women of skin tones can wear it and no one will note that they have any hair extensions on the head.

Body wave hair is designed with the character of curly and straight waves. The curls have a more relaxed appearance compared to loose wave hair. The versatility of this hair makes it a preference for many women.

People who love simple hairstyles should opt for this hair. It comes with flat strains and is easy to maintain. It can be bleached or colored and does not shed a lot. Unfortunately, it doesn’t hold curls for long.

Features of Body Wave Hair

a.100% human hair food that’s directly cut from the donor’s head.

b.Original cuticle and has no chemical additions.

c.The curls face the same direction

d.Silky, smooth, and thick.

e.Tangle-free and doesn’t shed.

f.Soft and hence doesn’t damage your hair.

g.Affordable than most hair bundles.

h.Highly versatile.

Loose Wave Hair Vs Body Wave Weave Hair

The two hair types are made from 100% virgin human hair without any chemical treatments to give women amazing wavy patterns.

1.Loose wave hair is voluminous than body wave hair bundles. This makes it a better option for women who love bouncy curls.

2.Body wave hair is designed with closely placed strains and is less bouncy.

3.Loose wave hair is more versatile in styling and holds the curls better and for long hours.

4.Loose wave hair has bigger curls and hence isn’t the best choice for straight hair lovers.

5.Body wave hair gets straight with time and due to frequent washing.

The only way to know whether a hairpiece is right for you is by trying it. Good hair should be a companion in caring for your hair. Whichever piece you choose to have on your head, ensure it will add value to your natural hair. Loose wave and body wave hair can be short or long but you should buy the one that makes you feel confident and natural.

Any hair will require proper care to serve you for many days. Some human hair extensions can serve you for a couple of years with the right maintenance. A lot of care is needed especially for curly hair extensions to keep them in good shape.

However, the case may be a bit different for body wave hair wigs. The original condition of Remy's hair is that of body wave hair and hence the minimal need for specialized care. This makes it a good hairpiece for women who have little time for their heads due to tight schedules.


Both loose wave hair and body wave hair are great hairpieces for women. Despite their differences in style and other small aspects, both will add value to a woman’s beauty. It’s upon you to decide the hair that suits your needs at any given time when you need to wear it.

Both are made of 100% human hair and aren’t treated with chemicals like synthetic hair extensions. The wavy pattern in both hair types gives you a natural appearance.

What you need to understand is that you cannot wake up and run into a beauty shop to buy a hairpiece. You need to consider all the necessary factors to decide the type of hair that you will buy for your big day. The hair that pleases you most could be very expensive and hence you opt for a cheaper one. However, it’s quality that matters most and not the price. A good human hair wig should also give you a natural look and should be hard to detect when worn on the head. Otherwise, it will be of no use and will end up being an unnecessary expense that’s also avoidable.

Finally, on the question of which hair type is best for you, it will all depend on your budget and personal preferences. The fact remains that these two hair types are great and will make any woman look more beautiful.

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