How to Wash Curly Hair

As we all know that curly hair is hard to maintain. So to make sure your curly hair can last more longer time, you need to know how to wash your hair correctly. Today’s blog, we will tell you step by step.


  1. Getting the Right Products

Choose sulfate free shampoo. We know that for sulfate will damage our hair. You can choose oil shampoo instead, which can let your curly hair looks more shinny and healthy.
Also, you need choose alcohol free shampoo, as we all know that alcohol will suck the moisture out of your hair and let the hair looks dryer.
But we know that for almost products will have alcohol , so when you buy hair products, make sure choose alcohol less one.
  1. Choose the right conditioner

Use conditioner in your hair when you washing it, it will let your hair more softer and smooth. You can choose the conditioner which has the olive, it will keep your hair from drying.


  1. Deep condition your hair

When you applied the shampoo and conditioner, please wash your hair deeply. Make sure your hair washed clearly completely until you could not see any shampoo and conditioner in the water.


  1. Air dry the hair

Instead blow dry hair, you can let your hair air dry. you know, for curly hair, it more tangle easily if we blow dry it. So let your hair air dry, it will keep from tangling.


  1. Comb the hair

When you comb curly hair, please part the hair into small pieces, and detangle each piece hair very gently with width comb, comb it from end to middle, and then go to the top closed to the head, and do the same to other pieces, it will be keeps from tangle.
That is all the step to wash the curly hair, if you are new to curly hair, learn and do it.

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