How to Care Wigs in Winter

The cold winter is coming, and it will soon be the New Year. Are you shopping for a beautiful wig? So how to care your human hair wigs in winter, I can tell you to help you through the whole winter, no need to go to the wig shop to take care of your hair, just at home!


Keep Hair Moisture

In winter, dry weather may cause the moisture in the wig to fall off, making the human hair on the wig brittle and easy to break. Your wig may also start to appear curly. Therefore, when the humidity inside and outside is low, you need to take extra steps to keep your hair moisturized. Use essential oils in appropriate amounts to moisturize hair, which will make it soft and shiny, thereby avoiding frizz.


Deep Conditioning

During the winter season, deep conditioning is essential to the life and longevity of your lace wig. Conditioning helps to treat dryness, and can restore your wig’s thickness and texture after exposure to the elements. Aim to use a little less shampoo and a little more conditioner. Apply a hair mask at regular intervals to help hair outlast the winter cold and damaging winds!


Air Dry Your Hair

Limit your use of straighteners, blow dryers, and curling irons as much as you can. During your normal work week and the days spent indoors, please maintain a dry, natural appearance. Hair freezes in the cold in winter, making it easy to break and become brittle. Pat and dry the wig with a soft towel, and then gently style it according to your preferences.


Comb Your Hair After Taking Off

In winter, due to the dry weather, there is a lot of static electricity in the hair, which may cause the hair to be knotted and frizzy. So after removing the wig, use a comb to gently brush it, starting near the top of the wig, and working downward. Do not pull or try to yank out tangles in your wig.

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