How to Put On A Lace Wig With Glue

We all know that glue can fix a human lace wig on your head. So how do you wear the wig correctly?


Step 1: wear a wig

First, wear a wig cap, make sure your own hair is under the wig cap. After styling natural hair, wear a wig on your head. You must choose a hat color that is very similar to the hair color.


Step 2: spray the hairline with glue

The next step in putting on a human hair wig is to spray the hair with glue. You can easily find the best glue at a nearby store or hair salon, spread it out with your fingers, and blow dry it in a cool place.

Step 3: cut the excess ceiling

Use a sharp pair of scissors to cut off the excess lace. You can put makeup powder and apply on your hat to better match your skin tone. Continue to spray the glue to the cap to seal the powder.


Step 4: clean the hairline

You need some alcohol to remove dirt or makeup from your hairline. Therefore, you can use a cotton swab to clean the hairline.


Step 5: wear a wig

This is the most important step in how to wear a wig. Apply a thin layer of glue to the hair again and apply it to the hairline. Wait until the adhesive is transparent, then apply the second layer. Once the second layer is cleared, the lace front wig can be worn.
Let's start in the middle and then do each side. Taking your lace and placing it in a little in front of the glue. Once secured, use a comb to press the lace into the glue.
To make your wig more natural, you can use a little hair to make baby hair. Use makeup powder again to make the lace look as realistic as possible.

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