Many people love lace front wigs, not only because it is easy to wear, but also, the wigs looks more natural than hair weave.
If you new to wigs, how to apply lace wigs well is the thing you must know.
In today blog, we will tell you an easy way to apply a lace wig from start to finish.


First: apply the elastic band to the wig

Taking the band placing it behind one of your ears then gently stretching it so it feels tight but not uncomfortable on your head, and bring that around to the other ear. Then cut at the line. Put the band at the bottom of the sideburns, use a needle and thread attached each end of the elastic band.
Cut the thread and make few knots so it won’t come undone, then clip off the hanging string.


Second: cut off the lace from the perimeter of the wig

This is simply step, just cut right along the hairline getting as close as you can. But pls noticed that not cut off any actual hair.


Third: wash the wig before installed

In this step, you just need your favorite shampoo and conditioner, then let the wig air dry.


Fourth: apply the wig

Before apply the wig, make sure your actual hair underneath is as flat as possible.
Place a stocking cap on the top to protect your hair underneath. Take the wig and line up the wig part , also position the elastic band at the bottom of your head so that the wig can lay well.
Taking a blow-dryer on medium to flatten the top of the wig , so that the wig looks more natural.
Applying some gel in your edges, brush them back , to let them blend with the wig, do this all the way around.
Take tiny gel , place it at the line of the demarcation, using comb pressing down the lace all around the parting , so it can blends with your scalp.
Keep the front sleek smooth , you can put a scarf in your front hair about half an hour.
To making the parting looks more realistic , you can use some concealer, dabbing that all along the parties , then buff it with your finger.
The last step is taking some black eye-shadow to filling in the gaps between your hair and the wig, just to let everything blended.
Now all part all done , the left thing is to shape and fluff the hair out to your liking.
That is all the process for applying lace wigs without having to pluck or doing a lot of customization.

Hope this blog helpful for you. Shop Hairsmarket to get your new lace wigs, ladies.

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