How to Make Your Curls Last Longer


We all love those beautiful, flawless, bouncy curls. But you know what's better? Today, we'll share with you our favorite tips and tricks to keep your best human hair frizzy all day! By the way, all of these techniques also apply to hair extensions.

1.Don't wash your hair before curling

The best appearance is actually the second or third day! While we all like fresh, clean hair, it's easier to keep curls on dirtier hair.

2.Comb your hair

As mentioned earlier, it is important to get the hair with the right texture so that it stays curly all day or all night. This can be achieved by using the right hair care products. Apply a thick mousse to your hair before starting to curl.

3.Use the right hair products

Heat protectors: This is the most important styling product you can use on your hair before heat sets, and of course, this is the number one cause of hair damage for most women, so use the right temperature or heat protectors.

Hairspray: Helps with curly hair! Apply styling products to your hair to keep curls on longer.

4. Buy quality perm tools

You might think your hair is "straight" and "will curl in 20 minutes no matter what". However, only with high-quality thermal tools can curls last longer.

5. Use the right rollers size

Try using different sizes of rollers depending on your hair type. Using smaller rollers not only makes your curls look sharper, but also lasts longer. Sometimes, the use of a larger wind-up box will only make the hair more quickly spread out into waves and fall.

6. Let the curly staycalm down

One of the most effective tips on how to keep curly hair is to let it cool and set before letting go. When you wrap your quality virgin human hair around a curler, heat is transferred to the hair band, which is what causes it to change shape. Therefore, once the fixed curls have cooled down, it will close the skin of the hair and fix it in place, thus making the curls last longer.

7. Keep curly hair tight

After the curls have cooled, loosen them and gently shake them. Tilt your fingers over your hair to make it curl gently, but make sure the curls are tighter than they need to be. Curls inevitably decline over time, but pulling them tighter when ready ensures they last longer than curls.

8. Apply a texture spray

Because they're lighter than hairspray and you don't need to use a lot of products to get a boost, they actually reduce the burden on your hair and keep the curls elastic longer.


Hope this article has been helpful to you, but if you need high quality human hair, don't hesitate, Hairsmarket is your best bet.


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