How to Make a Wig with Hair Bundles Only

Usually, people use hair bundles with lace closure or lace frontal to make their wigs. But as time goes by, the lace closure and lace frontal price more and more expensive, some people could not afford it. So how to make a wig without closure and frontal? In today’s blog, we will tell you how to realize it. Which can save more money for you if you learn it.


First: prepare something you need to make the wig


You need a wig head, wig cap, a scissor, some thread, a needle, a shampoo brush for application.

Second: Steps for sewing


  1. Put the wig cap in the wig head, and leave a U-Part section in the wig cap

  2. Sew in the hair weave along the U-shape, in this process, you can apply glue, so that the hair can sticks more firmly .

  3. Use thread and needle sew in the hair tracks which left out, repeat this step until you get the middle path you want.

  4. You can use a tiny pieces of the hair weave to sew in one section to cover the top head which leaved out. You can use iron to press it, so that the hair looks more flat.

  5. Wash the hair , and apply some shampoo and conditioner, to let the hair looks more soft

  6. Blow dry the hair and comb it

  7. you can style the hair as you like

That’s all the steps for how to make a wig without any lace closure or frontal, have you learned?

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