What Should I Do Before Dyeing My Hair

If you wear a human hair wig and like to try different styles, you can try dyeing. Of course, you can take your wig to a stylist to dye it for you, but it is also an easy thing to do at home. But if you want to dye yourself, please prepare before dyeing.

Wash the wig beforehand.

You will want to start with clean hair but use only shampoo that will not harm the human hair wig. Do not put on any conditioner or product.


Let the wig dry completely.

It is best to wash the wig several days ahead of time. This gives it time to dry thoroughly. If you don't have the luxury of time, use a blow dryer to dry the wig.


Get the wig head ready.

To preserve the wig head and keep it from getting stained, and just so you can keep it looking nice, wrap the wig head with plastic wrap. This will protect the wig head.


Brush the wig.

Put your wig on the wig head using T-pins to secure the wig. If your wig fits on the wig head tightly, you may not need to use T-pins.


Comb the wig.

Gently use the wide-tooth comb to comb through the wig and remove all tangles. The wig should be flat and free from knots before you start to dye.


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