What Is Wig Density Mean?

Now, human hair lace wigs is becoming more and more popular among women. Because it is more convenient to wear, and at the same time, it also makes us look better. In the process of our shopping, we will often see density choices under the lace wigs products, and some new customers may not understand this term. So today's blog, we will explain it to you in detail, if you are interested, please read on.

What is a wig density?

In fact, simply speaking, wig density represents the thickness of the lace wigs, the higher density, the thicker of the wigs. Likewise, the higher the density, the more expensive the product will be. Generally, the density choices we most often see are 130%, 150%, 180%, 200%, and even 250%.

Wig density difference

Under normal circumstances, most customers will choose 150% density lace front wigs, because this density is just right. If you don't know which density to choose, you can choose 150% density, which is suitable for most people's needs, generally you can't go wrong. But if you like a long hairstyle, it is recommended that you choose 180% or 200% density, because we all know that the longer the size, the thinner the hair ends. Therefore, high-density long-size wigs, the effect of wearing will be better. There are also some customers who like super thick hairstyles, we recommend choosing 250% density, 250% density is currently the highest density on the market, this density can definitely meet your needs if you like thick hair.

Of course, you can also choose the density you like according to your own preferences, because we also know that everyone has different needs for the hair thickness, our products are 100% human hair, if you think the product you received is a little thin, you can curl it to make your hair looks more fuller.

All in all, you can decide which density you choose based on the product size, price, and pattern you choose. If you haven't tried our products, give it a try.

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