What Is The The Best Wig Length?

At present, there are many sellers on the market selling different types of human hair wigs. At the same time, these wig products also have different colors and length. For some new customers, they may not be very clear about what length is the most suitable. Because if you don't get the right length, maybe you won't be able to achieve the hairstyle you want, right? This is definitely not what you want. So choosing the right length is very important. Today , we mainly discuss this topic, if you are interested, please read on.

First of all, we should have a clear understanding that for the same size products, the length of curly hair is shorter than straight hair, so when you choose wavy hairstyle, you need to choose a length slightly longer than you want a little longer, In order to achieve a better effect.

Here are a few factors we need to consider when choosing the length of the lace wigs.


For products of the same size, the effect will be different when worn by customers of different heights. If your height is not very high, we recommend that you choose a medium-length product. You don’t need to choose a very long length. If you are short, wearing a long hairstyle will make you look more shorter.

2.Body shape

If you are slender, it is recommended that you choose a long hairstyle, which will make your neck look more pretty.

3.Face shape

Face shape is also a factor that cannot be ignored. On this issue, you can ask your local hair stylist, they will give you more professional advice.

4.Hair density

In general, if you choose a short hairstyle, you can choose normal density, like 130% or 150%. However, if you want to buy long inch hair wigs, it is recommended that you choose high-density, such as 180% or 200%, so that the overall look will be more natural.

The following are some of the better sizes on the market, I hope it will be helpful to you.

14 inch hair wig

If you are looking for a shorter wig length, the 14 inch wig is the ideal choice for you. This length is perfect for a sleek bob. It is one of the easiest products to wash and care for the length of your wig.

22 inch wig

A 22 inch human hair wig length that reaches roughly where your breasts are, the best thing about this wig length is that you can use it to achieve a variety of hairstyles.

30 inch wig

If you prefer a longer one, it is recommended that you choose 30 inches, this size is the length with the highest sales. But we also all know that the longer the length, the more patient care is needed, so, you need to take good care of it.

The above is the main content of today's blog, I hope it will be helpful to you, if you have any questions, you can also ask our customer service at any time.

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