What Is The Most Comfortable Wig To Wear?

There are many different sellers on the market selling different types of human hair wigs, so do you know which type of lace wig is the most comfortable to wear? If you are interested in this topic, don't miss this blog today.

In general, the comfort level of the wig depends on the size of the product lace area, the larger the lace area, the more comfortable it is to wear. Why do we say that? Because the lace is hand-woven, it fits our scalp better. Today, we mainly introduce to you several products that are more popular with customers.

1.13x4 lace front wigs

13x4 lace front wigs are always the best seller on our website and the first choice of many customers. The main reason is that it is easier and comfortable to wear, finally, this product allows us to achieve different looks, on our website, there are many kinds of products with different patterns on sale, you can choose according to your own preferences.

2.13x6 lace front wigs

Some customers will choose 13x6 lace front wig, because its lace area is larger and it is more comfortable to wear, but the price of this product is generally higher. If you have sufficient funds, you can choose this product.

3.4x4 / 5x5 lace closure wig

Compared with lace front wigs, in general, the lace area of lace closure wig is smaller, but this product is also very comfortable to wear. For some customers, they do not have high requirements for lace area, so they can try this product, cheaper and looks natural, why not?

4.Full lace wigs & 360 wigs

Some customers pursue a large lace area in order to obtain more hairstyle choices. In this case, we recommend you to try full lace wigs or 360 lace wigs. But the prices of these two products are the highest in the market. Because the larger the lace area, the higher the product price. Be prepared to pay high prices if you want to try these products.

These are the main types of products sold on our website, which can meet your different needs, because our products are 100% human hair, so it will be more natural to wear, and the product life cycle is also very long, as long as you take care of it properly.

If you haven't tried our products, try it now, we accept different payment methods to make your shopping more convenient.

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