What Are the Bad Habits That Cause Hair Loss

Are you troubled with hair loss or hair damage despite the efforts you make?

Nothing can terrify a woman more than hair splits, hair breakage, frizz. Could it be that you are not doing enough? Or maybe you are doing it wrong. Certain everyday habits restrict our hair growth, and it is vital to break these lifestyle choices and make changes in our daily routine.


1.Wash your hair often

Shampoo is the key to hair care, but frequent washing of hair is also a problem. Shampoo is designed to remove harmful substances and excessive oil from the hair and scalp, but excessive use can cause dry hair and make it easy to break. Do not clean more frequently than 2 times a week.


2.Wash your hair with hot water

Hot showers and steams can cause hair dehydration, causing your beautiful long strands to break. This makes your hair vulnerable to snap and fall out as it drains nourishing elements from the scalp, which are necessary for hair development. So we suggest you use warm water for your hair washes over hot water.


3.Pull the hair hard

Tightly fixed hair may be your first choice for daily styling, but the damage it causes is terrible. Stretching the hair hard can cause stress and damage to the hair follicles. Our products are sewn with double-layer curtain edges, and generally do not lose hair easily, but if you pull it hard, it will still fall off. So please take care of your hair, it is also alive.


4.Damp hair

Wigs are often kept in a moist state, which can cause hair breakage, hair loss and dandruff. To get rid of these consequences, wash your hair when you have enough time to blow dry your hair, do not sleep in wet hair, and use a leave-in conditioner to strengthen them.


5.Using too much heat

Heating styling tools such as straighteners, hair dryers and curling irons may make styling easier, but the heat generated by these tools can easily cause hair damage. Therefore, it is vital that you avoid using these hair styling tools or set them to the lowest temperature possible when styling your hair.


6.Using the wrong hair products

Hair care products play an important role in your human hair wig, but using the wrong product may damage your hair. Keep your hair away from products containing sulfates and alcohol. According to the hair type and various hair textures, choose the corresponding hair care products.
Changing your daily habits to change the state of your wig is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to do so, and if you have a similar habit you can avoid it.

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