Wavy Wig VS Straight Wig Which One Do You Prefer

Which is better, a wavy wig or a straight wig, is a question that has been discussed all the time. Some people like wavy wigs, some people like straight wigs, and it's hard to tell which wig is more attractive. There are a few more factors you need to consider before deciding between a wavy wig versus a straight wig.

What You Need to Know About Wavy Wigs.

There are various styles of wave wigs. Water wave wigs, body wave wigs, and deep wave wigs have wave shapes with different curvatures, which can all be called wave wigs. The curvature and shape of a wavy wig help create a voluminous look. It doesn't stick tightly to your face, it has enough room to create a voluminous look that visually creates the feeling of thick hair. And wavy wigs are perfect, gorgeous looking and always look absolutely gorgeous.

However, wavy wigs are easy to tangle, and it will be more difficult to wash and care, and the longer the time, the harder it will be to maintain the curl.

What You Need to Know About Straight Wigs.

Straight wigs can be restyled easily, either by cutting them short or turning them into curls. Stylish and versatile straight hair is a classic look that can't go wrong under any circumstances. Straight wigs are more affordable than wavy or curly wigs. High-quality straight wigs can be worn for a year or more and have a long life.

Straight hair wigs are a very everyday look, can't go wrong but have no highlights and lack a unique personality. Generally speaking, straight wigs tend to get dirty more easily than wavy and curly wigs, and if the hair is damaged it will be very visible.

Whether a wavy wig or a straight wig is better depends on you. If you want to experiment with some personality and you have a budget, wavy wigs are perfect for you. If your main consideration is to save the time and price of wearing and maintaining a wig, it is recommended that you choose a straight wig.

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