Tips To Make Your Bob Wig Look Natural

At present, wigs are becoming more and more popular, especially in the hot summer, short bob hairstyle has become the choice of many customers. But some clients may be concerned that wearing a wig will look unnatural. In today's blog, we will introduce you some tips to make your wig look more natural and beautiful. If you are interested, please continue to read.

1.Choose the right size

Under normal circumstances, the mesh cap size of all wigs is different, just like each of us has a different head circumference, if you wear a human hair wigs that does not meet your head circumference, it will not look good, right ? Therefore, you must choose a wig that suits your head circumference. It will be more comfortable to wear. The size of our lace wigs mesh cap is 22.5inch, if your head circumference is larger or smaller, you can contact us to customize the mesh cap, our customization is free. You just need to tell us your specific head circumference size.

2.Choose the HD lace color

There are brown lace and transparent lace on the market. The reason we recommend you choose the hd lace wigs is that it suits a wide variety of skin tones. It can better match your skin tone. Make your overall look look more natural and real.

3.Good hair care

No matter what kind of product, we need to take good care of it. It can look bad if you don't take care of it. In our daily life, you need to wash and care regularly to keep our hair looking cleaner and healthier. Don't sleep with lace wigs on as this can make your hair look frizzy. Good care not only prolongs the life of the product, it also makes us look more refined.

4.Hair trim

Maybe when you first received the product, it didn't look the way you expected, but you can do it yourself or have your hairdresser trim it for you, and the results will be much better. Because each of us has different face shapes or aesthetics, we recommend that you trim it first to make your hair look more beautiful and suitable for you.

The above are some suggestions we give you, I hope they can help you. If you want to try short hair styles, you can choose bob lace wigs. There are many kinds of hairstyles and sizes on our website for you to choose, you can choose according to your own preferences.

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