The Benefits of Lace Front Wigs

Lace wigs are of different types, there's the lace closure wig, full lace wig, 360 lace wig, lace part wig and lace front wigs. Lace front wig is a wig that has a sheer lace attached to the crown of the wig to blend with your skin easily and resemble your natural hairline.

Lace front wigs are very popular because of how it can be worn to look like your natural scalp, and they would cost between $50 - $300, depending on the quality, hair type, and length.Why has lace front wig been so popular?

1.Lightweight and breathable

The lace front wig uses the latest Swiss lace. This lace is very thin, breathable, and fits the skin well.

2.Natural hairline

The high-definition lace used by lace front wig can fit the skin tone very well, with natural hairline and baby hairs.

3.Freely styling

With the realistic look it gives, you can style your lace front wig in a variety of ways, from side parts, fishtail braids, ponytails, or a messy bun. its versatility allows you to style and change where the part lies on your lace front wig, while still retaining a flawless natural hairline.

4.Easy to dye

If you're in the mood to switch up colors, with a lace front wig you can rock any color you like without having to damage your hair.

5.Natural appearance

While sew-ins have to be attached to the scalp to pull off a natural look, lace front wigs give you a more natural look without having to damage your hairline.

6.Long lasting

With proper maintenance and care, you would be able to wear your lace front wig for up to a year. Storing it by placing your wigs on a synthetic head, or in a satin sealable bag will control frizz and tangles.

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