Something You Need to Know About Bob Wigs


Bob wigs have always been very popular with black women, especially some young women. If you are new to lace wig, how much do you know about bob wigs? Today's blog will tell you more about bob lace wigs. If you interested, continue to read.

bob lace wigs have many kinds of textures and colors, today we will introduce to you in details.

1.Styles of bob wigs

On our website, bob lace wigs has kinds of textures, such as straight hair, deep wave, curly hair etc.

If you like simple hairstyles, suggest you choose straight hairstyles. Because straight hairstyles are easier to take care of, they are more suitable for beginners and lazy people.

But if you want to try some different bob styles, you can choose deep wave curls, or jerry curly, because we all know that curly hair is the most suitable hairstyle for black women.

But no matter which pattern you choose, bob style will not go wrong, because bob style can suit most people's faces shape.

2.Color of bob wigs

There are so many color type of bob styles on our website, such as natural color, highlight color, blonde color and burgundy color.

If you want to choose a more common hairstyle, you can choose natural color, but if you are more fashionable, you can choose colored bob wigs. Because if you choose colored bob hairstyle, you do not need to do the dyeing work again, which can save you more time and money.

3.Lace type of bob wigs

About the lace types of bob wigs, we have it in 13*4 lace, 4x4 lace and t part lace. No matter what you need, we can provide.

If you have not tried short hair before, suggest you choose bob hairstyle because it is affordable and easy to maintenance.

All our hair are real human hair, which you can restyle and recolor as you like, real human hair will feel more comfortable and healthy when you worn it.

If you do not try our hair before, give us a chance, our hair quality will impress you.


  • Sadiyyah Govan

    I absolutely love ❤️ Med bob styles I’m 60 yrs old all med lenght fluffy or straight it’s just sexy looking for the perfect bob wig.I was go I going through alot my hair started to break and come out was really down but I knew if I found the right wig that would work until maybe my hair grows back So this is my story I’m hoping with looking for the right wig at Hair Market I will find alittle peace with myself. THANKS for Listening.

  • Sadiyyah Govan

    I love the Bob look and style short or med length straight fluffy just love all bob,s looking for the right look Now

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