Loose Wave Hair or Body Wave Hair, Which One to Choose

Loose wave hair and body wave hair are 2 kinds of weave hair that are the favorite products of many women in the world. Which one is the most suitable for you? Once you know their characteristics and advantages, you will find it easier to choose which works the best for you. Now let’s get started to find it out!

What is a Loose wave Hair?

Loose wave hair refers to a wavier and curls. Compare to the body wave, the curl pattern of loose wave is a little tighter and smaller. Not too tight, not too straight, many women love the curl pattern of loose wave hair. It will looks like more natural and fluffy, that’s the reason why lots of women choose to use it all year.

Loose wave hair is neither too tight nor too straight. The reason why most users prefer loose hair is that they are normally fluffier and more natural. The kind of hair is created neat and tight to get rid of shedding. Created from purely human hair, the loose wave is nicely bouncy and thick. You will have the full ends that appear healthy and will get no split ends.

Pros and Cons of loose wave hair

1-High-quality hair

2-Looks very shiny

3-Can be colored

4-Features defined curls

5-Doesn’t demand any additional styling tools

The biggest drawback of loose wave hair is that the do not look natural like human hair extensions do, since they are extension they will look thinner than the normal hair. They do not look real like natural hair, so they can make people fee uncomfortable.

Loose wave hair should not be bleached by your own.

The Characteristics of Loose wave hair

Loose wave is a kind of wave hairstyle that has is loose and also usually has huge curls. People often get confused since the hairstyle is same as that of the body wave hairs. But you must be aware that the loose wave has a bit tighter curl as compared to body wave hairs. This is the main difference between loose wave and body wave hair.

1. The loose curls do not flow in a single direction

2. Made from 100% human hair

3. They have smaller and tighter curls

4. The curls are not too tight though

5. It usually has a high to medium luster relying on where you are sourcing the hair from

6. Users have the curl pattern being tighter as compared to that of body wave weave hair

What is a Body wave hair?

The body wave hair is a kind of human hairstyle with a big “S” shape around the entire hair body. It is just like you are standing on the seaside, your big wave curls hair is flying with the wind, charming and elegant feeling you will get. When you are in the condition of rest, the body wave hair sew in will show your quiet and connotative side. No matter what occasions you are in, the body wave hairstyles will always bring the best and most beautiful experience after wearing.

The Pros and Cons of Body wave hair

What’s great about body waves is that you have the air-dried finish regardless of your hairstyle. Your straight hair can have beautiful twists and movements without the need to heat or style it for hours. Furthermore, the body waves can support whatever hairstyle, turning your hair softer and with a more natural-looking texture.

However, body waves do have their disadvantages. It can be a bit tedious to maintain, as you need post-perm hair care products and a routine. You will also expose your hair to chemicals, which may cause damage to your hair, depending on its sensitivity.

The Characteristics of Body wave hair

Body wave weave is versatile, including full body, various texture, and luxurious bounce. Moreover, the various textures are sought after throughout the world, including wavy, curly, and straight although Brazilian hair is not “bone straight”, is always has light curves and or waves  throughout them. The hair also holds and maintains curls well while being soft and smooth with minimum frizz. This hair is thick, allowing women with thinner hair to achieve fuller looks, by adding texture, waves, and volume to your hair.

1-You can mostly describe what you can see. Thus, since we have the different wave hair types, its best to specifically know which type we are using here. Body wave hair assumes the S shape and it has the defined turns. This is why the hair is different from the other types.

2-It appears to be thick and stylish

3-Although it’s wavy and would blend better with wavy hair, it does bend well with any other hair type. Whether you have straight or curly hair, something in the middle will be an easy change for you.

4-This wave will straighten up when you wash it. But that’s an expected occurrence because the hair has waves that are very loose.

5-Body wave is partly straight and partly curly. This is why it easier to maintain than the other styles

Body Wave hair vs. loose wave hair

Simply out, the main differences are

1.Loose extensions have a lot more volume and would look the best on someone who is on a lookout for a bouncy curl.

2.Loose wave hair is a lot more curly and in a shape of a wave, if you want straight hair rather stick to body wave.

3.Styling wise- loose wave extensions can look better in many different styles and will hold the curl a lot better.

4.Body waves will get straighter in time and with often washing.

5.Body wave extensions feature strains that are placed close one next to another and are a lot less bouncy.

Which one to choose?

So which hair type do you want to choose? The body wave hair or the loose wave hair? They are all made of 100% human natural hair, no chemical treated that will give you the beautiful wavy pattern. Both body wave hair and loose wave hair are well received by fashion women. We still believe that no matter which hairstyle you go for, it will look great on you! 

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