Lace Wigs VS Hair Weave

In the hair market, there are mainly two kinds of hair type can meet your hair demands, one is called lace wigs, another one is called hair weave. All these two hair type are very suitable to enhance your appearance.

But for beginners, sometimes they don't know how to choose. In this article, we will mainly discuss their differences. Let's hurry up and study them in depth.

Lace wigs

First of all, lace wigs is made by 100% human hair, the hair material is healthy. They are the ideal choice for women who don't like to stick to a particular hairstyle for a long time. You can wear or take off the wig every day, save you more installation time.

Also, for lace wigs, there are many hair textures color, and length you can choose, so you can choose any you like.

It is precisely because lace wigs are more convenient to wear and the variety of choices, it is loved by more and more women.

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Hair weave

For hair weave, it is installed in the hair by sewing them to braided hair or sticking them to the hair. If stitched properly, the knitting can stay on the head for up to two months. Under normal circumstances, when you install the hair weave, you need a professional hair stylist to help you finish it. And, hair weave more suitable for ladies who want to protect their natural hair from heat damage or weather.



Compared with hair weave, lace wigs will be more convenient and simple to install. You can even do it yourself at home, save more install fee for you.


Hair weave is cheaper than lace wigs. If your budget is limited, I suggest you choose hair weave. Because of the same price, maybe you can buy a longer inch hair weave.


Lace wigs are mainly to prevent hair loss. If you are troubled by hair loss, you can choose to wear lace wigs because it can better cover your entire head.

On the contrary, for hair weave, you need to have some natural hair yourself, then, you can install the hair weave more naturally.


Now you have a rough idea about wigs and weaving, right? I believe you can make a more informed decision to decide which one is best for you when you shopping online.

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