Human Hair Wigs VS Human Hair Weave

When we talked about human hair, there are main two options you can choose, one is human hair wigs, another is human hair weave. We can wear them to let ourselves looks more prettier.
But for some beginners, it is hard for them to make a choice, which one is more better?
Today’s blog, we will tell you some useful tips, hope this helpful for you guys.


First: human hair wigs

Human hair wigs are made of real human hair, which just like a hat, you can wear it directly.
We have to say that human hair wigs become more and more popular recently, there are some main reasons why it is loved by so many people.


  1. Looks more natural

When you wear human hair wigs, it can cover your own hair directly, so it can let you hair looks more natural, sometimes, other people even could not tell which is your real hair or a wig you wear.


  1. Style versatility

Because all the wigs are made of human hair, that is mean you can style it or color it just like you own hair. So you can change your looks anytime you want.


  1. You can customized a wig cap size which suit you

We know that, different people the head size is different, so if you need one wig suit your head size, you can contact the hair seller to make one wig cap just suit for you. So that you can wear it more comfortable.


  1. Easy to maintain

Human hair wigs are easy to maintain, such as you can take it off when you going to bed anytime you need, and put it when you go outside.


Second: human hair weave

Actually, human hair weave is the first style used by black woman. You can sew in the human hair weave in your own natural hair, and it can last more than 2 months which not need removed.

Some people prefer wear human hair weave, there are some reason below.

  1. Human hair weave more secure than wigs. Because, sometime, we can see that some people wear wigs in the street, and a wind blow the wig, which is so embarrassed. But for human hair weave will not happen this, because for human hair weave are sew in our own hair, which is more stronger.

  2. For human hair weave, you can control how thickness hair look you need, such as if you like fuller looks, then you can use more bundles.

  3. The most important thing is human hair weave more cheaper than human hair wigs, usually, for the same money, you can buy 2 or 3sets human hair weave, but for human hair wigs, maybe you can just get one.

That is the human hair wigs and human hair wigs advantages, if you new to human hair, you can compare, and make your own choice.

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