How to Wash a Real Human Hair Wig

Human hair wigs should be washed and maintained with care and specialised products designed to keep your wig in its best condition for a long time.

Brush your wig

Gently brush your wig to ensure there are no knots or tangles through it.

Wet your wig

Wet your wig under lukewarm running water, ensure the water is not too hot. Use a shower or bath tap, ensuring the water runs in the same direction as the wig to avoid knots and tangles. Hold the wig under it until it is wet through. Do not submerge it in a sink as this will also cause the wig to tangle and knot.

Wash your wig

Once the wig is wet through, apply a generous amount of human hair wig shampoo to the crown and top of the wig, and gently work the shampoo through the wig all the way to the ends. Be careful not to rub or massage the wig as this will cause tangles and distort the shape of the hair.

Rinse the wig

Rinse the wig with cool water again, ensuring all traces of shampoo are removed. Gently remove any excess water with a light squeeze and press lightly using a towel to soak up and remaining excess water.

Use conditioner

The next step is to use a human hair wig conditioner. Apply the conditioner near the top of the wig and work to the ends, but do not apply the conditioner to the wig base where the hair attaches. Allow the conditioner to soak in for five minutes or so, then run the human hair wig under the tap until all traces of the conditioner have been removed. If necessary, you can run your fingers through the hair to loosen the conditioner, but do not allow the hair to pull or stress under your fingers.

Dry your wig

Lastly, it is time to dry your human hair wig. To keep your wig in top condition for the longest time, allow your wig to air dry on a wig stand out of direct sunlight. Air drying is the gentlest way to dry the wig, once the hair is dry, it can be styled, and you are ready to go!

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