How to Straighten Your Wig

Do you want to restyle your wig so that you can have more looking? A lot people prefer straighten their curly style into straight hair. So today’s blog will tell you how to straighten your wig.
there are two methods to straighten your wig. One is common way which use hair iron, and another one is use hot water to straighten your hair.


  1. Using hair iron

First, you need take your wig out, and make sure your wig are whole dry before you using the iron.
Second, make sure the iron temperature is not too high, use medium temperature and do it multiple times, so that the hair can take heat well.
Third, you can put the wig in a wig stander so that you can work with it well.
Fourth, when you straighten the hair, remember from the hair top to the bottom, and you can let the iron heat the hair few seconds, but not too longer time, in case the hair burned.
Fifth, when you done all the steps, let the wig cool completely. At the last step, you can use some hair spray to let the hair looks more nicer and smooth.


  1. Using hot water

Using hot water to straighten the wig which is the most health and safe way.
First: you can put the wigs in a wig stander, and prepare one bowl hot water.
Second: pour the hot water over the wig, which make sure all the wig can be covered completely.
Third: remember not brush the wig when it is wet
Fourth: use wide brush to comb it when the hair dry completely.
Using hot water to straighten the hair, will let the hair looks more natural, just like our own natural straight hairstyles. If you do not want to damage your hair, you can choose this way.

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