How to Restyle Your Old Wig Back To Life

Different Ways to Switch Up Your Wig When it Becomes Bland

We all get excited when we get a new wig ! Having new hair is like being a new person. It's exciting, and you can't wait to show it off. What about 3-4 weeks later? Many people start to feel unexcited by having the same wig. Maybe you are guilty of not giving their human hair wig the proper treatment it needs to look marvelous. So what do you do? Most people decide they want to get new hair. Well put that wallet down and take that wig out of the closet because I am about to open you to a world of wig renovation and rejuvenation! In this blog post you'll learn how you can make your hair lovable and unique once again.

Two ways to Evolve Your Wig

Styling With Heat

There are several types of human hair wigs. Malaysian, Brazilian, straight, body wave, curly, long, short, and many several different colors. For this blog, we are going to start with a long black straight weave, something delightful and simple. It is a natural go to look, and you can never go wrong with the traditional straight human hair wigs because you can rock it with anything! After the third week though, you may start to get tired of it, and you want to go for a more striking look. One of the easiest ways to switch up your hair is with heat. With a curling iron, you can quickly turn your hair from sexy and sleek to cute and curly with a little bit of time. Unlike some types of synthetic hair, human hair works great with heat. The second significant advantage is that when you want your hair straight again, you can efficiently use a flat iron to get that look right back. Styling with heat is an excellent option because you can go from straight to curly any time you'd like without damaging your wig. With synthetic hair, this styling technique may be a bit tricky. You need to make sure that your wig is heat friendly to switch up your style. If it is then this is an effortless way to give your hair some personality.

Dyeing Your Wig

For those of you who have synthetic wigs, lucky for you it is possible to dye your hair! Because of the materials that make up Synthetic hair (nylon and acrylic), it is necessary to dye it in a different way than the human hair. Many people do not know that you can dye a synthetic wig, but there is one factor that may disappoint people who may want to go blonde. You cannot dye your wig lighter, only darker. There will also be a hair dye that is specific to synthetic wigs. A significant suggestion to address this issue is to start off with lighter hair so that when you get bored with it, you can dye it darker. Instead of having dark hair and not being able to dye it at all. If you want to dye a synthetic wig more than one color, it is best to start with a platinum blonde wig and then dye it the way you desire so that the colors come out well. Using a darker wig to dye your hair will not go very well because the colors will blend instead of change to the color you hoped to get. Unlike synthetic wigs, human hair wigs can be dyed super easily. You can use any regular hair dye for natural hair can on a human hair wig. You can dye the hair lighter, but this should be at your discretion as the bleach may weaken the hair on the wig. It is also a great idea to wash your wig after you dye it to give it a beautiful natural shine. Some hair dyeing techniques include a split dye, highlights, ombre, balayage, streaks, etc. There are many fun ways to make your hair look stunning.

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