How to Properly Install Your Lace Front Wig


Lace front wig is becoming more and more popular among people especially for girls. The Swiss lace closure covers the unnatural lines between the skin and therefore the lace wig. Virgin hair Lace front wigs give the illusion of hair growing from its natural hairline for women. It's almost impossible to inform that if you're wearing a closure wig or a lace front wig or nothing on your head, which greatly boosts their confidence.

Here are some tips for installing a lace front wig:

Cut lace

Many people wearing lace wigs for the first time don’t cut the lace. Often, it’s because of fear of overdoing the wig.

Don’t cut too much lace at first. Be sure to cut the lace a bit smaller. Slowly trim your way down and be the perfect assistant for your hairline. Use long scissors to cut the lace on the front and sides.

Test the wig before applying

Chemicals in wigs and adhesives may not be suitable for all skin types. Test the product on your skin before fully attaching the lace wig to your skin.

Apply a small drop of wig or adhesive to your forearms. Let it sit for hours or even overnight. If there is no allergic reaction after two days, the glue is safe for your skin.

Wrap your natural hair

In order for your lace wig to sit up perfectly, you need to properly pack the foundation. If not, your human hair lace wig will end up puffy instead of flowing naturally.

For people with longer hair, braiding natural hair is an ideal choice. However, don’t make your hair too tight. This will lead to thinning hair and scalp problems.

Choose the right hair density

Wig density refers to the thickness of hair on the wig before lace. Be sure to find a wig with a density that matches your hair naturally.
Hairsmarekt provides you with different densities of front lace wigs: 130%/150%/180% density wig, and the 150% density is the best selling at present. If you want a more natural appearance, you are suggested to choose 130% density; if you want to make your hair look more fuller, you are suggested to choose 180% density. Hairsmarket also provides customized services, If there is any need, please feel free to tell us.


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