How to Pick Up A Satisfying Wig


When choosing a wig, you should first learn more about human hair wigs. The first thing to know is the type of hair you want to take home and how far you want to go. Walk with me and learn the details. Pay attention to these factors, they will be the success of your choice of wig success.

1.Hair texture

The texture of the hair depends largely on the material from which it comes. The most common human wigs include Indian, Brazilian and Peruvian human hair wig, which varies in texture. There are three types of hair, which are coarse or coarse based on the thickness of the hair bundle, and moderate to fine. Natural hair is softer, glossier and longer lasting. Synthetic hair lacks the scale coating found only in natural hair.

2.Wig Cap Construction Types

Due to different styling, not all wig caps are similar. Each is made to fit a style of its own. The wig cap construction types include;

Lace front cap:The lace front human hair wigs are highly likable because they provide natural-looking hairlines. The design of their cap favors the creation of a natural hairline.

Weft:It is not all the time that you can afford what you desire to buy; costs may limit you sometimes. Take advantage of this durable and affordable item.

100% hand-tied:If you want comfort and freedom of styling, this is the cap to buy. Imagine looking natural with comfortable softness. For people with an active lifestyle, this cap has the patience for your frequent styling.

3.Cap size

There may be other embarrassing moments in life, but dropping a wig in public is one of the worst. To be safe, make sure you know the size of the hat. Everyone's head circumference is different, so choose different sizes of wig caps.

4.Hair length

When hair is too long, it becomes messy and hard to maintain. Therefore, it is wise to choose the right hair size, to avoid ruining your look. You can choose according to your own preferences and take care of it.

5.Face shape

Humans have different types of face shapes, such as diamond, square, oblong, oval and so on. The shape of your face determines the appearance of different wigs you wear. It's not just what you like that matters, but how you look as well.

6.Hair color

There are so many shades of wigs available when you go looking for one. Finding a wig that matches your hair color is suitable for a natural look; however, sometimes, you would like to get a little crazy with your hair. Get familiar with the hair brand labels, once you know them, match with your makeup and skin tone. From brown blonde red and black colors of skin find a match or a close one.

Wigs are fashionable, yes, but that doesn't guarantee you'll look good in clothes. You must take the time to choose the one that is right for you. Clothes come in different, textures, and colors similar to wigs, pick what brings the best out of you.


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