How to Make Baby Hair on Lace Front Wig

Lace front wigs with baby hair can be used for a variety of hairstyles. It mimics your natural hairline while giving you a very beautiful hairstyle.

Fortunately, you don't need a professional stylist to style the hair wigs with baby hair. With these simple steps, you can start showing off your natural hairstyle.

What you need: Comb, Brush, Spray, Lace Front Hair Wigs.


 1.Trim the lace

When you receive a new lace front wig, you will find excess lace sticking out of the front. Therefore, you need to trim the lace first. Since cutting too much lace can damage the wig, it's best to cut it into smaller pieces. Be careful when cutting close to the hairline and make sure you don't cut actual hair.


 2.Part your hair and neaten the divisions

Clip your hair on either side of the wig. Create a parting on one side of the hair wig using a fine-tooth comb. Blow dry the hair while combing to define the parting. Once dry, neaten the parting using a comb.

 3.Mist your baby hairs and blow them dry

Use a spray bottle to spray water on the baby hair to get it completely wet. When it's wet, hold the wet baby hair firmly between your middle and index fingers, then dry it with a hair dryer for a few seconds.


 4.Set your baby hair using a hairspray

Spray a soft bristle toothbrush with hairspray and gently scrub your baby's hair. You can also use edge control gel or a hair styling cream to shape them.


 5.Stick with silk and satin

Now that you’ve set your baby hair tie your hair in a silk scarf to set the style. You can remove the scarf after about 15 minutes to reveal the finished look.
This is the simple steps to make babyhair, after these are completed, you can continue to install your front wig. Hairsmarket supply good quality lace front wigs, if you are looking for different styles wigs, Hairsmarket is your best choice.

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