How to Make a Wig with Bundles for the Beginners

Beautiful wigs are easily and widely available in the market. You just need to visit a hair store or place online order to buy wigs. Though pre-made wigs are easily available, many still choose to make their own wig and if you are looking for Cheap human wigs then there is none better option to DIY per own requirements and design. You can learn how to make your own wig by following the detailed wig making guide we have for you. So if you are like the many ladies out there who want to learn wig making, follow our guide, and you will be rocking your first wig sooner than later.

1. Decide the Type of Wig

The first step of how to make wig closure from scratch is the type of wig you want to make. You can choose from full lace wig, lace closure wig, lace frontal wig, etc. to make the hair piece choose from the common hair types, i.e. human hair or synthetic fiber. raw human hair is often preferred as they look more natural.

Essential Wig Making Tools

Regardless of the reasons you want to dabble into wig making, you need the right tool, while the list isn’t long, the items are essential in learning how to make a wig (or in this case, your first wig).

A mannequin head

A wig cap (adjustable is better)

Needles and thread

Pins to hold the cap in place (you can use tape or adhesive too)

Scissors for cutting and trimming as you string along


Comb and hair conditioner

Lace closure

Hair bundles

These are the basic items you need, you can buy them once and use most except the hair bundles to continue to create unique wigs for yourself or for sale.

How to Make a Wig?

The Hair Bundles

The first thing you will need is bundles of hair, in this tutorial we are using the Brazilian straight hair; 3 bundles with closure . We are using this hair because it is easy to work with; it is original and natural-looking. It also works well for new beginners in the wig-making business. This hair is straight, silky and will sit on your head like a real hair, the hair extensions measure in length 24 inches, 22 inches, and 20 inches respectively.

The Bleaching Process

Now the bleaching process is meant for professionals, but since you are here, we can help you with the process. Take the accurate quantity of the bleaching product you want to use and mix them until the mixture is mixed properly.

Remember the final mixture must be thick, and pliable to allow you to apply it to the knots properly.

If the mixture is too runny, it can bleed into other areas of the hair and cause damages that you won’t like. So thick is the right way to go

Now wash the bleach off the knots taking care not to rub roughly, but squeeze gently to remove excess water.

Next, apply some toner of the closure part to remove any excess yellowish color from the closure so that it looks very natural.

Condition the hair, by rubbing an ample amount unto the hair and rub across the length of the hair with your hands, then rinse off under running water.

Place the closure on a towel and allow it to dry out while you get on to the next process. We are using a 4 by 4 lace closure here.

Preparing the mannequin head

Place a dome cap on the head of the mannequin. Next, you take a measuring tape; placing the end tip on the middle of your forehead, measure the circumference of the head following the sides of the ears, the nape of the neck and back to meet the other end of the tape in the forehead.

Now place the tape at the same point on the forehead in front and let the length of the tape pass through the middle of the head, this is the front to back measurement.

These measurements allow you to know how deep and how wide you are working on the mannequin head.

Note: stretch caps are better dome caps for wig making, they allow the wig to stay put, and it is adjustable in case a bigger head person wears your wig.

Place the head with the dome cap on a stand or anything that will hold it in place while you are working.

Placing the Closure

You will notice that the dome cap has two lines in the front, let this point be the front of the head, this is also where the closure will be fitted.

Using a wig pin, hold the closure unto the dome cap into the head. The edge of the closure should line up perfectly with the edge of the dome cap on the mannequin.

Before measuring your head, prep your needles and set them aside, we will be using curved needles and nylon threads. Nylon threads are easier to sew with, they don’t get tangled up, and they are water repellent, unlike cotton threads.

Step By Step Sewing A Wig

You can either choose from synthetic hair or human hair as per your choice. human hair is considered for being comfortable. now Follow the hair tracks, and start to sew in hair extensions on the cap making sure it’s tight. the lace closure can either be sewed first or after hair weave finish. Start with the part of closure to make your wig look more natural.

Sew the hair row by row

You can cut the bundle into small pieces or also fold while sewing.

Start sewing the hair from the back by creating two tight knots to keep them at the place.

Complete sewing first hair row then moving to the next one.

Hair trace should be neat and bump free.  Follow the same for second & third ones Leaving a U-part section on wig cap forehead.

Sew hair in the U-part for a fuller look and sew the rest hair bundle pieces into the cap. Cover the cap net full of hair to get your own hair wig.

Style you wig

 After learning How to Make the Perfect Wig and making one, it’s time to comb it well to get a good look. Always use a wide comb which tends to avoid tangle or shedding.  It’s time to Adjust your hair as per the complexion or style. You can leave the hair wig free or have a middle part hairstyle. You can also style the hair as you like loose wave bundles.  

Place to Buy Good Hair Weave to Make A Wig

There are plenty of hair weave sellers in the market that tend to confuse people. Hence it becomes quite difficult to select a place from where to buy best human hair bundles to make a wig. we suggest you buy sew in hair extensions in from Hairsmarket They sell good quality human hair bundles, frontal wig, 3 bundles with closure, closure, and frontal, curly hair weave, body wave weave, loose wave bundles, etc.

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