How to Maintain Human Hair Wigs

As times goes by, human hair wigs become more and more popular among the women, they wear the wigs for many reasons, such as for becoming more prettier or covering the hair loss.
But do you know how to maintain human hair wigs in your daily life?
Today’s blog, we will tell you more specific.

  1. Do not brush your hair when it is wet, because this will damage your hair

  2. If you going to color your hair, let your professional stylist do it if you are new to wigs

  3. Put your wig in a wig holder when you take it off, which will let the wig keep the style shape well.

  4. Do not use hot water to wash your hair, use warm water instead.

  5. Do not expose your wig in strong sunshine, especially when you wear colored wigs, because strong sunshine will let the hair color tend to fade.

  6. Do not use acid shampoo or conditioner to wash your hair, it will let the wigs dry easily

  7. Condition your hair when you finished the washing, and also, please noticed that use your hand to comb the hair instead use tight comb.

  8. Take off the wigs when you go sleep, which will let your hair has more longer lifetime.

  9. Air dry the hair instead blow dry.

There are some tips for you when you wear the wigs, if you care the human hair wigs well, they can last more longer time.

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