How to Install a U Part Wig

In daily life, whether it is to treat hair loss or to pursue fashion, the demand for wigs is increasing day by day. There are many different types of wigs available in the market, today we are going to talk about u-part wig.

What is a U-part wig?

U-part wig is a wig with an obvious U-shaped opening on the top of the head. The opening can be at the top or on the side. After wearing the wig, you can mix it with your own hair through this U-shaped opening to create a natural look.

How to install U-part wig ?

1.Braid your own hair, secure with clips, and try to keep it as straight as possible without excess protrusions.

2.Put on the U-part wig and adjust the straps to fit your head. Secure the wig to the head with clips to make sure it doesn't fall out.

3.Mix your own hair with the wig through the U-shaped opening. Adjust the edges of the blended section to make it look natural and realistic.

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