How To Choose The Wig Length Suit You?

There are many types of lace wigs for sale on the market, and there are many different sizes for you to choose from. On the one hand, the variety of products gives us more choices, on the other hand, for some wig beginners, too many choices also make us have some doubts when purchasing, not knowing how to choose the right length for ourselves. Today's blog will tell you some tips and give you some advice, if you are interested, please read on.

To choose the right hair length for you, you need to consider the following factors.


We all know that everyone's height is different. When you choose to buy a human hair wig, you first need to take into account your own height. For the same hair, the effect of wearing it for people of different heights is different. If you are not very tall, in general, you can choose a medium length, such as 18-22 inches, however, if you are tall, it is recommended that you choose a long size, which will look better when you wear it.

2.Hair texture

The texture of the wig is also a factor you need to consider, we all know that the same size, if you choose straight hair, the size will look a little longer than if you choose curly hair. Because curly hair is curved, the same size will look shorter, so when you buy curly hair, it is recommended that you choose a slightly longer size, it will be more beautiful to wear.

3.Hair density

In general, if you like longer hair, it is recommended that you choose a product with a higher density, because the higher the density, the thicker the hair will be, and for the longer the product will look better.

Here are some suggestions we give you, hope it will help you. On our website, there are many sizes for you to choose from. Our most popular sizes are generally long inch, because more customers prefer long size products, we all have a desire for long hair, right?

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