How to Choose the Suitable Wig

Choosing the suitable wig is important. The suitable wig will make you feel comfortable and look great.

Wig Cap

For the wig cap, normally the average cap size fits more than 95% customers. Don’t forget that many wigs come with an adjustable strap, meaning that your wig can be tightened or loosened up to an inch if needed. But if you perfect large or small size, you can feel free to contact the seller for special custmoization.

Wig Type

For the wig type, The wig type you choose will determine how you put on your wig, how you care for your wig and how your wig will look.

Lace wig is a great choice for wigs. It gives you an extremely natural hairline for a very natural look. And it has the versatility to design different styles and textures.

Headband wigs give you convenience, confidence and versatility. It's beginner friendly and you don't have to be a professional stylist to know how to style this product. When installing this wig, its design allows for easy self-styling that actually only takes seconds!

Wig Color

For the wig color, when choosing your wig colour is to consider your skin tone. A good colour match will not only give you a more natural look but will help you feel more confident in your wig. There are popular colors, like the 99J Burgundy color wig and brown color wig.

Hair Length

For hair length, Normally there is the bob wig, shoulder length wig and the long wig. The wig length you select should balance your body shape. For example, women with a tall and slim body should get a wig with medium to long hair. This will help you get a more feminine look.

No matter what wig you choose, the key to looking your best is confidence and comfort. If you need some help picking out a suitable wig that’s right for you, check out

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