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As we all know that lace closure can reduce hair loss effectively, that’s why almost women prefer use closure when they installed their human hair extensions.
The common lace closure type is 4x4, now Hairsmarket has some new size. Like 5x5 lace closure. Different size closure can change your look.
So it’s so important to choose a lace closure which suit you.
What is 5x5 Lace Closure
Lace closures are hairpieces accessories that tied hair with beige or dark brown lace. The remy human hair lace closures are a few inches wide and they are used where the hair should be left, making the person wearing the wig on the head look more natural. Through the 5x5 lace closure name, we can know that it will be more wider than 4x4 lace closure. So it will be more useful to prevent hair loss.
Why you need a 5x5 lace closure
Almost black women like their hair looks smooth and natural. Then 5x5 lace closure can help you to achieve it.
The 5x5 lace closure of the lace can be as real as our own scalp, when we wear a wig, we can divide our hair freely. So 5x5 lace closure is very useful to make wig.
How to make your lace closure looks natural
1.Choose the right lace closure type
2.Choose the lace color similar to your skin
If you want the hair looks more natural, you also can dye the closure lace at home. So be sure to choose a high quality lace closure. Hairsmarket offer you good hair.
3.Hide All Of Your Own Hair
Remember hide all your own hair before you put on a lace closure. Use hair gel to make hair slick and hair won't fly away.
4.Use Skin Colored Concealer
Lightly brush the white lining part with skin colored concealer.
At this step, your wig is pretty much done.
Hairsmarket not only provide 5x5 lace closure, but also 6x6, 2x6... if you need, let us know.
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    Can I see 2 bundle(20,22)deal with 6×6 (18)preplucked closure

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