How to Care Human Hair Wigs

Human hair wigs become more and more popular recently, you can see so many women wear human hair lace in the street. They wear the wig for different reasons, some for beauty, some for hair loss.

When you have a new human hair wigs, do you know how to maintain it so that you can use it more longer time?

Today’s blog, we will teach you some hair care tips, continue to read.


Do not brush the hair, use your comb or wide tooth comb gently remove tangle hair pieces.

2.Wash part

Do not soak your lace wig. You can put the hair under cool water , allow the water run from the roots to ends.

Put few hair shampoo in your hand, gently stroke it through the hair roots to ends.

Rinse the shampoo in the cold water until the hair clean. Gently squeeze the extra water , do not twist or wring.

3.Condition part

Put few hair conditioner in your hand, gently work it through the hair roots to ends.

Leave the hair conditioner on your hair about 1-2 minutes, do not exceed 5mins.

Put the hair under the running cool water until the hair totally clean. Gently squeeze or use a clean towel to press the extra water out. Then place the wigs in a wig holder until the hair completely dry.

4.Styling part

When you going to style your hair, pls noticed that do not use too high temperature hair iron, which will hurt the hair.

That is the whole part when you use your wig. Hope that is helpful for you.

Also, here are some tricks for you, you can check it as well.

1.Wash the hair before you install it

2.Do not use hot water to wash your hair

3.Do not wear you wig to sleep or take shower

4.Do not comb the hair when it is wet

5.Do not use chemical hair products in your hair, if you have to, please let professional hairstylist to do it.

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