How to Care for Your Front Lace Wig

Wigs have been loved by countless women in the world. There are many different types and styles of wigs for consumers to choose from. Among them, the lace front wig is one of the most popular wigs. But how do we need proper care?

1.Wash your wig carefully

The steps to wash a lace front wig are simple and include the following. Before washing the wig, comb the wig and put it in warm water. Wash and treat with a professional shampoo and conditioner. Finally blot with a towel and leave to dry in a wig rack,avoid using a hair dryer. Lace wigs are usually washed once a week.

2.Place the wig properly

When not wearing a front lace wig, place it on a mannequin or wig rack to keep it natural and untangled. In addition, cover the dust cover to prevent dust from entering.

3.Remove your wig before bed

We usually wear wigs to bed at night, but it is advisable to take them off before going to bed. This will allow your hair and scalp to breathe freely. If you sleep in a wig, the friction between the wig and the pillow can cause tangles, which can greatly reduce the lifespan of the wig. If you really don't want to take it off, take extra protection, like a ponytail and a hair cap to reduce friction.

This is very basic wig nursing problem, help to prolong the service life of the wig, hope to help you!

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