How to Blow Dry Straight Hair Correctly

As we all know that, if we have wavy hairstyle, and go to hair salon to blow dry the hair into straight , it will cost us much. So today’s blog, we will tell you how to brow dry the hair at home, save more money for you.


  1. Use the right tools

Instead the normal brow dryer, you can use the brow dryer with a nozzle, which can let your hair looks more straight. Beside the straighter, you also need the wide-tooth comb, heat protestant product and hair oil.


  1. Washing your hair

When you wash your hair, suggest you choose the washing products which is straightening shampoo and conditioner to reduce the volume before you blow dry the hair.


  1. Towel dry or air dry the hair

After you washing the hair, you can use a dry towel to dry the hair, but remember do not squeeze or rub the towel, which will let your hair get frizzy easily. Just use the towel to absorb the hair water is fine.


  1. Comb the hair

Before you blow dry the hair, remember use the wide tooth comb to comb the hair, this step is to make sure your hair no tangle hair pieces.


  1. Apply the heat protestant product

For some beginners, they do not know how to adjust the straightener temperature well, in case hurt your hair, suggest you apply the heat protestant product in your hair before you heat it. But if you do not have any heat protestant product, you can use the hair conditioner instead.


  1. Brow dry the hair correctly

Remember when you blow dry the hair, make sure your hair has comb already, and no tangle hair pieces, also, you can apart your whole hair into few small sections, and blow dry the hair from the top to end, use the low wind speed to blow dry the hair, and do the same steps for your whole head hair.
When your hair dry completely, you can apply some hair oil, to make your hair looks more silky and smooth. When you apply the hair oil, you can take some oil in your hand, and rub it in your hand, then apply it on your head top and ends.
That is all the step how to blow dry the hair, have you learned it?

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