How Much A Human Hair Wig Cost?


For some wig beginners, there are one question they always asked, that is: how much does a human hair wig cost?
Actually, one human hair wig prices are affected by different factors, like the quality, the lace size, the hair length etc.
If you trying order online for some cheap and good quality human hair wigs, you can read today’s blog to get more useful information.


  1. Wig Type

There are some kinds of human hair wigs in the market. And different type, the price will be different. Like 13x4 lace front wigs, 4x4 lace closure wig, 360 lace front wigs, 13x6 lace front wig, full lace wigs, Upart wigs, machine made wigs, lace part wigs. Usually the lace size more bigger, the price will be more higher. So the Upart wig is the lowest price when you compare others.


  1. The Length

As we all know that, for human hair wigs, the longer inch, the price will be more higher, such as the 26 inch length will be higher than the 8 inch.
If your budget is not high, you can choose the medium length, price is affordable, and also can get a good look.


  1. The Color

In the market, there are black color and colored human hair wigs. Usually the colored wig price will be higher than the natural. Because the hair factory colored the wig advance, you can get a perfect wig directly, not need dye yourself again. Save more time and money for you. But for the natural color human hair wigs, you also can dye yourself if you need. So if you are wig beginner, and like color hair, then you can buy colored wigs directly.


  1. The quality

In the market, there are some different quality human hair wigs, like 8a, 9a and 10a grade. Usually the grade more higher, the quality will be more better, and the hair lifespan will be more longer. Also, the price will be more higher.

Conclusion: how much does a human hair wigs cost? It's up to you and the features and benefits you feel are important in your life style, like you can choose general quality which the price is not high, but you can change your hairstyle frequently. Or you can choose high quality, which has the longer lifespan.

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