Features of Peruvian Hair

Peruvian hair is a human hair that originates from Peru. There are grades to Peruvian hair just as you have in Brazilian hair. The higher the grade number, the higher the quality. Peruvian hair is much sought after because of its compatibility with almost every hair type from straightened African American hair to Caucasian hair.

There are slight dissimilarities between the different types of hair and if you want to get yourself Peruvian hair, the following are some features peculiar to Peruvian hair.


Various patterns

Peruvian hair offers quite a range of selection. You don't have to pick from a small pool of choices if you want to get Peruvian hair because Peruvian hair has so many curled and non-curled patterns.



One of the most embarrassing things ever is someone noticing that you added new extensions because they don't blend in well with your hair.

One of the biggest advantages that Peruvian hair weaves have over Brazilian and Indian weaves is how natural they look. With Peruvian hair, you don't have to worry about someone pointing out your extensions because they'll blend in.


Different styles

Would you like a new look? From straight weave to kinks and Yaki curls, There are many styles to choose from.

Don't get stuck with one hairstyle, you can enjoy versatility with Peruvian hairs by getting different styles and changing them out.


Thick and thick texture

The main difference between other human hair types and Peruvian hair is the texture of the hair.
Peruvian human hair is thicker than other hair types. So the next time you want to buy Peruvian hair, feel the wire harness between your fingers to test for thickness.


Voluminous looking with light hair

Everyone knows volume is important and that's why we need extensions to give our hair the volume we want.

When it comes to volume, Peruvian hair extensions has an advantage over other types of human hair. Unlike Brazilian, Indian and Mongolian hair, Peruvian hair are thicker, coarser and very light in weight.

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