About T-part Wigs

T part lace wigs have 14 inches of lace from ear to ear and 4 or 6 inches of lace extending back from the hairline, creating a T in shape. The T part wig is a universal and versatile wig that is one of the worthy types of wigs to buy in every way.

The benefits of wearing a T part lace wig.

Natural and Imperceptible Hairline: A high-quality T part lace wig will give you a transparent and natural hairline. Even under close inspection, it's barely cracked and still looks like your natural hair.

Offers more practicality and possibility: A T part lace wig can help you create a variety of practical and sophisticated hairstyles, whether it is a high ponytail, a low ponytail, a bun.

Comfortable to wear experience: The T part lace wig is made of 100% real human hair, which is naturally soft and very thin, and does not feel heavy when worn. For customers, this will be a good shopping experience.

How to install a T part lace wig?

Step1: Try to plait the hair into a flat braid, ensure that there is no obvious protuberance, convenient later period operation.

Step2: glue a wig cap over your natural hair and keep it dry.

Step3: put the wig on the head, adjust the size to fit your head by adjusting the tape on the wig, and ensure that the wig is firmly fixed on your head, will not loose. Then apply the lace to this area of the hairline.

Step4: After waiting for glue to dry thoroughly, cut off redundant lace with scissors. Can use a few cosmetics that are close to oneself skin color, let the edge of bud silk and skin have natural transition.

Step5: trim and shape wig according to need, make wig look more natural.

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