About 99J Lace Front Wigs

Burgundy is popular this season, adding a pop of color to a cool fall theme. Burgundy hair also can make people more of a casual and social look, and work best when your outfit has the same pattern or color as 99J Burgundy color as well.

99J Lace front wigs are one of the common lace wigs. A lace front wig normally is made by 100% virgin human hair bundles with a lace front that can completely cover a human’s forehead from ear to ear. So lace front wigs always can offer people more natural and real looks even can make other people don’t feel you are wearing a wig now.

99J Straight Lace Front Wig

Long natural straight hair look makes a pure and plain young lady. Although straight hair is simple, it is generous and elegant. With the addition of burgundy color, elegant and timeless, can be used for any occasion.

99J Body Wave Lace Front Wig

Most people think the most natural-looking hairstyle is the body wave hairstyle. It is an “s” shape wave which that looks like a real human hair wave. As body wave hair is not too straight and not too wavy, it can maintain a natural look for people.

99J Curly Wave Lace Front Wig

People who have curly hair always can look naturally shining and also can make people stand out in the crowd. Curly hair has tighter and irregular curls than the other hair textures that can make hair wigs appear fluffy and soft. It can give clear elasticity, and enhance layering.

99J Burgundy lace front wigs are always one of the best-selling hair wigs in Hairsmarket, and we have a huge selection of 99J lace wig styles at good prices online.

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