About 5x5 Lace Closure Wigs

HD closure wigs are one of the most popular lace wigs on the market right now because they are thin, soft, natural and easy to tie together. In HD lace wig, the most popular one is 5X5 HD lace closure wig.

What is 5x5 HD lace closure wig?

HD lace is a new name of Swiss lace, a kind of lace that is thinner and more see-through. According to the features of the lace material itself, HD lace is still much thinner, more delicate, and transparent than the normal transparent lace.

5x5 HD lace closure attached to a wig cap with machine sewn bundles, creating a full wig unit. The 5x5 hd lace closure wig is similar to the 4x4,6x6 hd lace closure wig. A 5x5 hd closure is placed at the middle front top of the head, the 5x5 hd closure sews with the human hair bundles can also bring a natural and beautiful hairline to people.

Advantages Of 5x5 hd lace closure wig?

Hd lace is a type of lace, but it's lighter and more transparent than normal lace, and it fits all skin tones. This wig has the natural hairline and baby hair, when you wear it, it looks more real, as if it's on your scalp. If you don't want to hide the awkwardness of wearing a wig, this one perfectly sidesteps the problem and shows off your beauty.

Hairsmarket offers 100% virgin hair HD lace closure wigs: 4x4 lace closure wig, 5x5 lace closure wig, 6x6 lace closure wig. You can choose a closure wig with a suitable lace size according to your preferences and budget.

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